The Last Generation


In this body of work I try to reflect on my deepest thoughts and concerns as I react to the world around me. My intention with this show is to appeal to the students’ consciousness and hidden conclusions. 

Through the use of symbolism and surreal landscapes I direct the viewer through a composition of detailed imagery. While each piece might have a very specific intention behind it I also put my efforts into not making it always clear, as I find ambiguity and the possibility of self reflection key.


I don't always have a clear intention for my pieces. I start with a broad concept which sometimes results in a drastic change in the direction of the answeºr. For most of them, I do have the entire image finalize in my head before starting which I develop through sketches and composition studies to analyze its effectiveness before translating into the final materials.


As a student from Spain, my vision of the world deeply changed since my arrival to the U.S. 4 years ago. The present racial and political dialogue, the heavily promoted consumerism and the very strong individuality have taken my work into a more self-expressive direction as I try to project my perception of the world, which exists in contrast to the globalization that we are experiencing exponentially.

My work is heavily influenced by Spanish art in all forms especially architecture, history paintings and surrealism. Roman and Arab art and culture have always had a big influence on me. Spain was once part of the Arab Caliphate for over 600 years being Córdoba its capital, where my whole family was born and raised. 

Me and my brother were born in Malaga, a coastal city in the South of Spain which just like Córdoba, has many remains from both the Caliphate and Roman Empire. It is here where I really built my strongest relations with art and tradition, as well as a big connection to the sea, as I grew up playing in the fishing neighbourhoods in the old part of the town.